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04 août 2018

The Idea of Progress

The idea of Progress consists in believing that the world can become a better place. There are various ways of improving our lives. Progress implies technical, social, political or scientific improvements. It also implies some evolution from an old order to a new, modern world. But some people, or groups of people, resist progress because some technological and scientific breakthroughs raise moral questions. Other people resist progress because it constitutes a challenge to the power they have always held.

(ideas taken from and from missions terminale)


to believe : croire

to become : devenir

to improve : améliorer

an improvement : une amélioration, un progrès

to imply : impliquer, sous-entendre

a breakthrough : une percée, une avancée

to raise questions : soulever des questions

a challenge to : un défi à, une remise en cause de

to hold power : détenir le pouvoir

western societies : les sociétés occidentales


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28 août 2016

Intro: the four notions


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04 août 2016

Places and Forms of Power

Power is the ability to influence the behaviour of people. Power implies an opposition between the people who hold power and those who have none or little of it. In order to live together,  members of a community have to accept rules, regulations, laws. This helps to create social cohesion but it can also lead to conflicts and tensions. Even when authority seems absolute, there are always counter-powers which question it, try to limit its excesses and resist it.

(ideas taken from and from missions terminale)


power : le pouvoir

behaviour : le comportement

to imply : impliquer, sous-entendre

rules : les règles

laws : les lois

to hold power : détenir le pouvoir

to lead to : mener à

counter-powers : contre-pouvoirs

to question : remettre en question

equality : l'égalité

authority : l'autorité

to be submissive to : être soumis à

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Spaces and Exchanges

Spaces can be defined as the different geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy. Exchanges can be defined as the different kinds of interactions between the occupiers of these spaces. Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. The exchanges between the people occupying different spaces are very diverse: through trade, conquest, emigration and communication, nations have always influenced others beyond their borders and have been influenced politically, economically, culturally, scientifically, linguistically etc.

(ideas taken from and from missions terminale)


an area : une région, un territoire

a conquest : une conquête

to conquer: conquérir

trade : le commerce

beyond : au delà de

a border : une frontière

globalization : la mondialisation

relationships : les relations

to travel : voyager

to emigrate : émigrer


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Myths and Heroes

A myth can be defined as a story about gods or heroes. It can be a popular belief or a  tradition. Myths usually explain the origins of humanity or relate the foundations of a community. Myths give us some essential information about the collective identity of a social group. Myths can be very old but each civilization, nation or social group updates these myths or creates new ones.

A hero can be a mythical figure, a person who is admired for his/her achievements, a superhero or maybe a role model or an icon. A hero can be an extraordinary person or an ordinary person who has achieved something extraordinary in his/her life.

(ideas taken from and from missions terminale)


to define : définir

a god : un dieu

a goddess : une déesse

to relate :raconter

a belief : une croyance

to believe : croire

to update : actualiser

an achievement : un exploit, une réussite

to achieve : accomplir

a role model : un modèle, un exemple de réussite

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